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29 January 2010

E-Dict -BESTA- MT 7000

 NI antara model E-Dict yg aku 'masuk hati..nmpk features dia mcm aku tk tgk live lagik...thru online jerk...nak kena pi survey kt luaq la lepas ni...nak gak tgk cemana rupa n adakah e-dict model ni friendly user kan...hopefully aku dpt secepat mungkin...

MT-7000 Mandarin Talk

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Your Private Mandarin Tutor
Learn Chinese
Master the standard pronunciation of vowels and consonants, the four tones, and the 'er' sound of spoken Chinese by using interactive Flash-based tutorials, imitative reading and built-in testing.
Chinese Characters
Decipher the history and evolution of Chinese characters as well as the features and formation of this beautiful pictographic language. Master stroke names, stroke order and section headers of Chinese characters.
Learn words using animated pictures and built-in testing; a highly effective way of connecting the pronunciation and character with its common meaning.
Improve your grammar skills with interactive Flash-based dialogues covering daily life, business, traveling and other useful topics.
Master basic but important phrases for is different languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Dutch, as well as four different Chinese dialects, including Cantonese, Szechwan, Taiwan and Hakka. Hear authentic pronunciation for each language.
Authoritative Dictionary
The Authoritative Dictionary contains the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (Chinese-English Edition) compiled by the Language Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It also features an English-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-English Dictionary, Chinese Quantifier Dictionary, Concise Idiom Dictionary, and collections of useful vocabulary by topic (food, travel, business, etc.).
Real-time bidirectional translation system, using the Oxford-Besta dictionary, delivers accurate and concise translations.
The entire course uses interactive Flash-based modules which provide a “face-to-face” environment together with accurate and intelligent pronunciation tips. Listen to thousands of useful phrases narrated by native speakers in crystal-clear digital recordings.
PDA Features
MP3—enjoy your music wherever you go;
Video—4.0’mobile vista video playback;
Recorder—captures the sounds of life;
Text—personal e-book treasures;
Mobile Access—always connected;
Album—on-the-go digital photo albums;
Calendar—manage your schedule;
Calculator—always there when you need it;
Games—take the time you deserve to relax and recharge;

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